What To Expect

The Process 

I work with students both in-person and remotely/virtually.

I will start out by scheduling a free in-take interview with the student and parent(s), to learn more about the personality, academic goals and expectations of the student. This allows the student and parent(s) to ask questions and become comfortable with me, as well.

If the student and parent(s) and I agree this will be a good working relationship, and it’s a good “fit,” I will draw up a rough calendar of activities leading to successful completion of college applications. This preliminary calendar will include an estimate of my billable hours for the entire process.  The student, parents and I will sign a TOR (Terms of Agreement)

I only take a very limited number of clients, in order to provide the best and most responsive service and support possible.


Comprehensive Coaching Package

4,500 Euros for 40-60 hours of coaching and support in areas including pre-college planning, college screening and selection, application and essay writing, reference letter requests, interview preparation and scholarship applications.


Hourly Rate

140 Euros/hour

Urgent Support

250 Euros/hour from December 15-January 1 for any application, and November 15-30 for University of California applications.  I discourage students from writing and submitting last-minute applications